The Christian Association of Nigeria South Africa (CANSAF), the umbrella body of all Nigerian Christians and Christian Organizations in South Africa specially invite YOU to the NIGERIA PRAYS holding on Saturday the 23rd of September 2017 from 9.00AM to 1.00PM at the Nigerian Consulate Ground.

The Nigeria Prays is a day set aside to fast and prays for the peace, tranquility, welfare, protection and advancement of all Nigerians in South Africa and for the Nation Nigeria and our families in Nigeria. We can no more pretend that Nigeria and Nigerians are in a cross road and needs a joint and fervent prayer to seek God’s intervention.

Our fasting and prayers commences from the morning and we shall break the fast jointly at 1.00PM at the close of the prayer.

As a distinguished and patriotic Nigerian, we believe that your love for Nigeria and your fervent prayers with a joint and united voice will appease God and bring the Nigerian situation under control; therefore we are inviting you to come and take your place amongst Nigerians and pray during this program.